Work Hard. Play Hard. Keep on Dancing

Our employees recently danced the day away. Well, at least the lunch hour. As part of Mapsted’s ongoing company-wide health and wellness initiative, we recently got our Zumba on. This intense cardio and aerobic workout definitely got our hearts pumping, but everyone agreed it was a fun experience we’d love to have again. Just check out the reviews. “Great session and team building exercise! Hope to see more of those in the future!” “It was great! Really fun.” “The experience was great! I would love to be part of more activities like this.” Cheered on by our instructor, we waved our hands, moved our feet, and shared a lot of laughs during the hour, creating strong team bonds that will carry over into our workdays. Mapsted has always embraced a healthy balance of the work hard/play hard philosophy. We’re absolutely adding dancing to that now. See you all next class. Liro, liro! (You had to be there.)

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