Trade Show Tricks: Capture Your Attendees’ Attention With Location-Based Technology

People who attend trade shows are already in a spending mindset. In fact, 92% of attendees are there to discover and learn more about new products, proving marketing, navigation, and analytics can be valuable tools for trade shows to use to engage their audiences and close the deal. But, given that other exhibitors are competing to draw the same people to their booths as you are, you need to make sure to quickly and effectively capture people’s attention so your booth gets the traffic it deserves. Creating a trade show that attracts a high volume of visitors starts with ensuring your target audience is attending. You may have the nicest staff members, the best high-impact audio and visual equipment, and the hottest gear, but none of that will matter if your potential customers don’t show up. After all, attendees who are only there for free samples or networking opportunities won’t help your sales numbers. If you want to guarantee traffic to your trade show, you first need to know who your ideal audience is. Do they regularly attend trade shows? Do they live nearby? Foot traffic is great, but targeted traffic from attendees whose interests, problems, and needs are similar to your existing customers is, well, right on target. The better you know your customers, the better the chance you have of attracting the audience you need. Traditionally, to learn more about your audience, you would have had to survey a select number of customers and ask them which trade shows they attend each year, why they chose your company, and how your offering helped them solve their problems, or overcome their challenges. While this method does work to ensure you learn more about your customers, it’s outdated, time-consuming, and may not always be accurate. You would still have to do some guess work to figure out who your target audience really is. Indoor Location-Based Solution One of the most effective ways to engage with your desired audience, and get them to visit your booth, is by implementing an indoor location-based solution that includes hyperlocal marketing, turn-by-turn navigation, and detailed analytics. This technology takes the guesswork out of attracting the right visitors to your show, and ensures your customers will easily find you. It also lets you use digital marketing to your advantage. Digital marketing is a widely used term which describes the marketing of product and services using digital technology. Today, search optimization, social media marketing, and Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising are just some of the most popular marketing techniques in the digital age. With 77.6% of people in Europe and 66% of people in the Americas connected to the internet, it only makes sense to start marketing digitally. Instead of going through secondary platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook, Mapsted’s indoor navigation technology allows you to digitally market directly to visitors’ smartphones on one platform. You can send welcome messages to your attendees as they enter the show, direct them to specific booths or demos, and even notify them about offers on nearby products. This technology even allows you to send a message directly to the visitor’s phone asking about their experience at the show. And when your desired attendees receive the notification to visit your booth, they will also be guided directly there by our indoor GPS system, taking the frustration out of finding their way in a large, busy exhibition hall. Aside from marketing and navigation, indoor location-based platforms can provide you with detailed, real-time analytics. This technology can take feedback from visitor heat maps and dwell times to help you see which presentations or booths are the most popular with attendees, making it much easier for you to quickly find out what works and what doesn’t, and adjust your sales strategy accordingly. An indoor navigation platform, like Mapsted’s, helps you create a more engaging trade show experience and attract more traffic, by marketing directly to your attendees’ smartphones, and providing them with easy directions to your booth. Deep insights into customer behaviour using real-time analytics will also allow you to optimize the show, and increase sales. Want to read more about Mapsted’s technology? Subscribe to our blog today!

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